Monday, March 16, 2009

Use Every Moment

Update on Commenting Problems: I'm not sure why, but the computers I use at work won't let me comment (perhaps a firewall?). I can still read everyone's posts--and occassionaly get a comment in--but mostly I will be commenting from home. As I've got over 100 posts in my Google Reader write now to go through, I may be behind on comments for awhile. Please rest assured that I am reading everything--and will comment as soon as I can!

As some of you may have noticed, blogging has been sparse, and my weekend's post was just scribbles and scratches (and that may, perhaps, be my favorite post of all time).

I really got in the zone--not just this weekend, but all this week. It was nice. It's been awhile since the words practically wrote themselves. I couldn't quit thinking of this new story, and I've been obsessed over getting the images in my mind onto paper.

And I noticed a difference: when I wanted to write, I made excuses to do so. I wrote short scenes between classes. I thought of plot problems in the shower. I'd vacuum a room, write a chapter, vacuum the next room, write another chapter. I wrote some before supper, thought about it during supper, and wrote some more after supper.

It's been productive: I've got 17,000 words done, over 10,000 of those words from this week.

Which got me thinking: why don't I write this way more often?


I wouldn't write during my breaks at work because I knew I only had so much time. What can I write in 15 minutes? Maybe a page? So I wouldn't write it--but this week, I've seen those short scenes add up. Or, I'd tell myself to finish one thing (i.e. washing dishes) and then I'll write...but I'd always find another task that had to be done right away instead.

Not any more.

Segue. I once read a quote by CS Lewis that I cannot remember word for word, but the essence was this: pray constantly. No matter what you're doing, no matter how mundane, don't wait for church to pray--just pray without ceasing. That had an effect on my young Christian mind, and I've striven since then to do so.

Now I'm going to make my mind multi-task. My new mantra: Write constantly. No matter how little time, I will write. No matter how many other things need doing, I will write. Even if I don't have the materials with which to write, I will compose scenes and solve plot holes until I can get to a notepad or computer.

I will write constantly.

OK, that sounds a bit epic and preachy even for me, so, I promise, next post will be light and airy and I will try to incorporate something silly.

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