Friday, March 13, 2009

Books I Cannot Help But Like

Edited to Add: For some reason, I'm having a really hard time commenting on people's blogs...every time I click to comment, my intarwebs crashes. So--sorry, but comments from me (on this blog and on yours) are going to be a bit light until I can figure out the problem. Didn't want y'all thinking I didn't love ya no more or nothing.

Previously, I posted about books that I can't help but dislike, and the exceptions to that list. Today, I'm switching it up a bit: books I love no matter what.

There are certain tropes and types of stories that I will read no matter what. It doesn't matter that it's the same story in a different pair of pants--this type of story just hooks me, and I'll buy it sight unseen.

  • Myth retellings, particularly retellings of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. This has led me to Ever After, Ella Enchanted, and Bound in the Cinderella category, and countless others in the B&B category. I know the plot is essentially repeated in these tales, I know that I'm reading fairy tales that rarely deviate from the norm....but I love 'em and could read them all day.
  • Portal stories. This is something, I've heard, that agents and editors are tired of seeing, but I love them. Give me a world where someone from Earth lands somewhere else, and I'll eat it up. It started with Narnia, obvs, but I love all the stories that follow this formula.
  • Girl hero stories. Love these, too. The Hero and the Crown is my favorite in this category, but if there is a girl with a sword kicking tail in the story, I'll read it. This is, btw, the category I'm most often disappointed with...I may read all these stories, but lately I've been having trouble finding one I love.
So, what about you? What types of books and stories are you addicted to?
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