Monday, March 2, 2009

It's All Narnia Up In Here

...well, not any more. In the South, we get snow for a day, and then wet, muddy grass. But c'est la vie.

So, from the picture on the left, you can see just how Narnia up in here we got. It was a winter wonderland, y'all.

Here you can see the forest across the road from my house.

And here is a picture of the apple tree in my backyard. Back story: last fall, we couldn't get the top apples from the tree. So we figured heck, we'll leave them there and let the deer eat them when they fall. But they didn't fall. But it made for a cool picture!

But you're not here for artsy pics of the snow! Besides, Lois does those much better than me. Here's Dog with his favorite toy, Massive Stick. He found it in the snow. Click on the pic for a bigger version--you can see he's got a mouthful of snow with his stick!

And here is a very short video of Dog trying to catch snowballs. (It would have been longer, but the husband made me cut out the part with him in his robe.)

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