Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going Indie

I have this dream, see? I wanna be rich enough to buy this old plantation house down the road and open up a writer's retreat/bed and breakfast/bookstore...but I wanna be so rich that I can get people to do all the work AND so rich that I can just give away the books and don't have to worry about sales. So, basically, I want to live on a plantation house with servants and surround myself with books, readers, and writers. Is that so wrong?

The point (yes, I have one) is that I am going Indie around here.

Not the Jones sort of Indie (mmmm), but the buy-from-local-bookstores sort of Indie. Since I can't have my Plantation-B&B-Writer'sRetreat-Bookstore-of-Joy, I like to dream that someone out there does have it...and in order to ensure they keep it, then we've got to support the locals. So I've added a little blue IndieBound logo to the sidebar. And books on this blog are gonna be linked to IndieBound, no where else. Not that I don't like Amazon--I do. But, see, I get like I dunno 2 pennies or something for every book you buy from my links, and, well, that's 2 pennies closer to my Awesome-SuperAmazing!-Plantation-B&B-Writer'sRetreat-Bookstore-of-Joy-and-Awesomeness.
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