Monday, March 16, 2009

Crackin' Jokes

Let this be a lesson to all children's writers: kids love jokes. Seriously. Complicated jokes, stupid jokes, puns--all kids of all ages love 'em.

Recently I took my class to the library, and instead of researching their essay, some of the kids were cracking jokes. Those same old stupid ones that I used to tell in high school.

Kid: Come on, Mrs. Revis, tell us a joke!

Me: No, you should be working on your essay.

Kid: Just one, we'll promise to work after that!

Me:'s just...I'm not in a joking mood.

All the kids: Why?

Me: Well, you know how warm it's been lately? Well, my husband got the lawnmower out to work on it, and drained all the gas, and put the gas in a bucket by the garage. dog--remember, the big black Lab?--he went over there and drank the gas!

All the kids: Oh, no! What happened?!

Me: He jumped up and ran around the house like three times! As fast as he ever ran before! And...and then he just fell over.

All the kids: *silence*

One Kid: *whispers* Did he...die?

Me: Nah, he just ran out of gas.

Lemme tell you, all kids love jokes! And if you can nail 'em with a good new one, you win!
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