Friday, March 20, 2009

Characters and Settings

So I'm working on the new WIP, a YA SF (how's that for some abbreviations?). Part of Chapter One drug a little bit...I wanted to describe the setting in my narrator's first person voice, but it came out false. After all, if we're really getting inside his head, then it doesn't make sense for him to describe the intricacies of his world--he already knows them.

Then I had the idea of him showing and explaining his world to another character--but that's so been done before.

But here's the idea I think just might work: tying the setting to his motivations. If he just pops up to Character B and says "Hey, let's go for a ride, I want to show you my world!" Well...that's cheesy. But if he has a crush on Character B (he does) and wants to get her away from Character C, who also has a crush on her, and he wants to show off a bit...well, he'd take her out on a date. And while he's showing her his world, he's also hitting on her. Now, the scene isn't about explaining the world, but about him struggling to get Character B to recognize him and fall in love with him...and in the process showing the world.

By tying my character's motivation to the setting, I think I'll be able to show the setting without being boring or to inf-dumpy. The chapter isn't just about the setting--it actually progresses the plot, too.

Now, off to write it!
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