Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things I Did on Z-Day

Carrie Ryan's booklaunch was today! And it was a ton of fun!

First thing I learned on Z-day: The husband does not like being woken up on Z-Day by me trying to eat his brains. Good to know.

Hey, look! I took pictures!

That's me and Carrie just before she signed my book. Look, I know someone famous and cool!

See, I told you she is famous and cool! Now, in addition to getting my book signed, Carrie also had great freebies! Little tins of gummy brains and little zombies for the takin'. Here they are. You can see how the little zombie man is reaching for the gummy brains. He is, of course, foiled by the simple plastic top. Silly zombie, brains are for kids!

And here I am, consuming tasty, tasty brains. Mmmmmm.....brainssssss.....

All in all, quite a successful day! After the booklaunch, the husband, my friend Laura, and I strolled around downtown Greenville. We ate ice cream (almost as tasty as brains) during which time I noticed that the husband's pants had an unusual bulge in them...the little round tin of gummy brains. "Hey," I said, "you've got zombie brains in your pants. Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that sentence."

It was quite amusing.

And here's a charming fact about Greenville: hidden all along Main Street are tiny bronze mice. You can totally make a day of finding the mice--something I totally plan on doing. We only found one today (them suckers are really hard to find!). Here he is. I think he's probably a mouse zombie. Don't let the cuteness fool you.

Hey, you know what? That mouse totally told me a secret. And the secret is...if you're not a follower of my blog, then you should totally become a follower really soon. Like, before Monday. Cause something pretty awesome is coming, and followers of the blog get a li'l extra-extra if ya know what I mean...
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