Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey! Tell Me What You Think!

For the first time ever I have no clue what to title my new WIP. Seriously, no clue. I can think of no simple word or phrase to sum up the main idea or theme, not even a string of pretty words.

Currently, my working title is "That SciFi Book." That is only my working title because "That Murder-Mystery Set in Space SciFi Book" is too long.

Then I thought: Hey! The Beatles! What problem can't they solve?!

So...what do you think of Across the Universe as a title?

I'd be totally kosher with it, except for that movie. To be honest, I'm tired of comparisons (having had a character named Belle, I sort of want to stab Twilight with a wooden stake).

And, you know, that whole comparison thing is just a train I don't want to ride. I can already picture it: "Hey, I like your story, but did you know that your title is just like that song/movie?"

But....those lyrics....they do actually fit with the theme of my novel. Like many Beatles's songs, they have a poetry quality to them.
[deleted lyrics to avoid copyright infringement]

So, what do YOU think? Is Across the Universe a good title for a book--or too close to what's already there?
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