Monday, January 24, 2011

Answers, Part 1: Fun Questions and Stuff About Me

So, back in December, I asked you guys to ask me questions for me to answer. And I didn't forget about it--I mean, not really. Anyway, a month later: here's the answers!

Also: at first I didn't think this would take that long, but then when I was answering them, I realized this was a realllly long post, so I've got this divided up into three days.


Jordyn asked: I want to know what you think of Star Trek. And Star Wars. THAT IS TOTALLY RELEVANT, RIGHT?

I have a longer history with Star Wars--Princess Leia is the reason why I grew my hair long originally, and my brother's name was Luke, and one of the first memories I have growing up is playing with plastic light sabers. So yeah: hardcore Star Wars fan. That said: I'm not as much of a fan of the new ones. 
As for Star Trek--I watched New Generation rather a lot as a kid, and I liked it, but I never liked it so much until I saw the new Star Trek movie, which totally kicked. 
So: short answer--old school Star Wars, new school Star Trek.

GreenBeanTeenQueen asked: Who do you love more Kirk or Picard?

Ack! I would have SO said Picard before...but I DO love the new Kirk in the new movie...

GreenBeanTeen Queen also asked: Also, what movie is the must see movie of 2010-I'm way behind on my movies and need to catch up!

I thought EASY A was amazingly clever and funny. And the Disney RAPUNZEL was awesome. But my husband will disown me if I don't say that SCOTT PILGRIM was the TOP movie of the year!

And GreenBeanTeenQueen asked: And-what can do I do to convince my husband to watch Doctor Who? He complains that he doesn't like SF!

If he was a girl, I would totally tell him to watch based on the episodes of Doctor Who alone. But since I have a feeling he won't think David Tennant is hot, tell him this: Doctor Who is about history, clever plots, witty characters, and it is AWESOME. Also, I won't think he's cool until he watches.

salarsenッasked: What music do you listen to while writing?? Or do you?

I do listen to music--but I listen to it for the sound, not the song, if that makes sense. Basically, I listen until I don't really hear it anymore. I tune it out.

Kayla Olson asked: If you could be any character in a book/movie/TV show, who would you choose (and why)?

Luna Lovegood--she's minor enough that she gets to do what she wants, but major enough to get to be a part of the cool action. And she goes to Hogwarts, and she gets to do magic, and she doesn't care one whit what other people think.

Kayla also asked: Where, specifically, is your favorite place in the world? Why? (This could be a city, a cupboard under the stairs, a cafe, a park…anything.)

I don't care where I am--I care who I'm with. But I think it might be neat to have all the people I care about in London... :D

Abby Minard asked: What were some of your favorite Sci Fi or Fantasy books/authors as a child?

The Chronicles of Narnia, by CS Lewis 
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede

Cold As Heaven asked: Do you like heavy metal?

Not really. I often like to tune my music out, and it's hard to ignore heavy metal. About as hardcore as I can get is Hawthorne Heights.

Heather Zundel asked: What drives you? (to write, especially).

I like telling stories. It's as simple as that.

Heather also asked: What single novel shaped you the most? Why?

Probably THE HERO AND THE CROWN. There's a scene in there--when Tor and Arlbeth see Aerin for the first time after she fights Maur--that I think is possible the most beautifully written prose in the world. 

And she asked: What are three things you find very beautiful?

Sleeping puppies. Trees in the snow. The smell of new books.

Annnnd she asked: When/how did you decide you wanted to become a writer? How did you stay at it when it became hard?

I've wanted to be a writer for a long time--since elementary school. But I knew, even then, that it is very very difficult to make a living off of writing. So, for me, the idea was that you could be a writer, but your profession would have to be something else. When I was teaching, I thought of myself as a teacher who also wrote. So the transition to thinking of myself as a writer was actually very difficult. 
On the other hand, it was very easy to stay with writing even when it became hard. Because, even when it is hard, I like writing.

And finally she asked: And the most important question of all: Pirate or Ninja? Why? ;)

Ninja. They're both romanticized, but I think ninjas, at least had a more complex motivation than greed.

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