Friday, January 14, 2011

Launch Party!

Last night was the launch party for Across the Universe! Judging by the fact that it's now 2:20 pm and I am only now getting to the point where I can sit down and write about it, I'd say yes: yes it was quite a success!!! (Pictures all by my mom, unless otherwise noted.)

Me in front of the "dump" full of my books!
PS: I'm not smiling good: I'm full of nervousness.

I was terrified no one would come. I mean, first of all: it snowed and the date got switched. Second of all: I don't have the best track record for parties. But! People came!

The line actually got really long...

Picture stolen shamelessly from Jeremy's twitter.
Of course, one of the reasons they came was for cupcakes:

Picture stolen shamelessly from Taylor's Facebook. 

But they also came for my book! Holy amazing, it was cool to see people lined up to buy my book and get my signature

First, I read from the first chapter of the book, and then I answered Q&A.

Picture stolen shamelessly from Laura's Facebook.

I got to reconnect with old friends:

Some teaching buddies I'd not seen in forever!

A friend from high school--so good to reconnect over my book!

And I got to meet new friends:

Jeffery and Jeremy from Novel Thoughts.

Lois from Lotus Rising.

Overall, it was a night filled with smiles and hugs.

My curls cannot compare to the awesomeness of Stephanie's blue hair.
Picture stolen shamelessly from Stephanie's twitter.

Me, Laura and Leslie, friends since my teaching days.

My college roomie who knocked my socks off in surprise--
she drove six hours just to give me those flowers!!!

After the actual signing, I sat at the table, talking with friends and former students and it was awesome.

And, of course, I had to thank some of the most important people of all: my parents.

 At the very end of the day, Valerie, the manager at Fireside, pulled out one of the chairs. The tradition at Fireside is for authors to sign the chairs. I'd sat in the chairs enough times to wish to see my signature there, with Sharpies. It was crazy that I got to add my name to a slat.

The very last picture, and one of my favorite. Neither me nor my husband is looking at the camera. My face is shiny and my head's at an odd angle, and I could care less. I think those smiles say enough.

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