Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Traditions

Yesterday, I ate New Years dinner with my family.

That's a tradition we always keep: on January 1 of every year, we eat a meal together. And we always eat the same things:

  • Ham, for luck (it's supposed to be ham hocks, but my mother's a Yankee and won't cook them)
  • Collard greens, for "folding money" (dollar bills)
  • Black-eyed peas, for lots of coins 
  • Christmas cookies, because they're almost stale and the diet's not begun, so eat 'em up now
My mom mentioned that when she lived up North, she ate different things on New Year's, like sauerkraut (blech!). And my husband mentioned that even though he has lived in the South all his life, like me, he's never done the traditional ham-greens-black-eyed-peas before he married me.

Which all got me to thinking: what sorts of traditions do you have for New Years? I can't imagine starting the year without eating that traditional meal with my family--I suspect the entire year would implode with suck if I even attempted it. So: what do YOU do? 

(And if you don't have any traditions, check out these--I kinda wish I could add soba noodles to my menu...)

Lastly: Victoria Schwab posted this short speech by Neil Gaimon on wishes for the new year:
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