Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things to Do on the Day Your Book Launches

You know: it was kind of nice to get buried under the snow and be forced to stay inside. I'd been running around like mad to get everything working for the launch party--arranging cupcakes to be made, putting up posters, calling newspapers, sending invites, and one thing after another.

So when the snow came and said, "Nuh-huh," I was actually mostly okay with it. Instead of spending the day rolling my hair and stressing about being witty, I spent 70% of the day in my pajamas, ate terrible junk food with my husband, and played with my dog.

And then we made a snowman.

So of course I had to add a Gryffindor scarf and a Jayne hat, but then I found some red berries, and stuck them in the snowman's head, and suddenly it wasn't just a snowman...

IT'S AMY!!!!!!! Red hair: check. Made of ice: check. Short: check.

And lookit! She even likes to read!

The husband and I spent rather a lot of time trying to make it look like SnowAmy was actually reading, but her arms are made of tree branches (so she doesn't have opposable thumbs) and her body is made of snow (which is made of water, which is not healthful for books), so in the end, we gave up.

She's a GREAT listener, but I don't think she actually paid attention....her eyes sort of glazed over....
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