Friday, January 28, 2011


There are few things that make me cry. Well, okay, I cry at Hallmark commercials, but outside of televisions and movies and books, there are few things that make me cry. Proof: last year, our front screen door was broken, and when I was going through it, my foot got a bit smashed by it slamming shut before I was all the way through. I started to cry because it hit me right on the ankle-bone, and it scared my husband so bad he thought I'd broken it and was about to pick me up and take me to the ER because he'd never seen me cry when I got hurt before.

So yeah: not a crier. But when I woke up this morning, here's what I saw:

And tears sprang into my eyes because--Holy WOW that is SO NICE!!! And a total surprise!! I had no idea these guys were doing this!!! I mean, I had a few tiny hints about it, now that I look back--I remember Shannon posting something about doing some ShannonShame on a video, and Elana tweeted last night that I was going to be surprised today, but it was late and I was tired and I was just "What? What am I missing?" and then I was like ZZZzzzZzZZzzzzz because dude, I was tired.

So when I woke up this morning, there was a Twittersplosion of notes from people telling me to watch this video. And I did. And the music came on, and I see Christine Fonseca's dance team dancing with my book, and my mouth dropped open and my eyes got watery and I was like NO WAY.

And the Bookanistas, they were all like: WAY.

Here's a combination of what's on the video + my reaction:

  • Christine's dancing team --> o.O Really? OMG really? They're dancing for ME?
  • Shana "Shimmy" --> Ahhh! She's shimmying!!! So cute!
  • Carolina "Rock Star" --> OMG I HAD NO IDEA CAROL WAS SO HARDCORE!
  • Shelli "The Snake" --> LOL!!!! She's doing the head bobbly thing!
  • The Rockin' Elana --> What is she...?  !!!!! Point to that disco ball, sista!
  • Myra and her Dancing Minions --> Myra has minions!!! Bwahahaha!!!
  • Jen "I am Not Your Father" --> o___O She is dancing in full costume, OMG!!!!
  • Twistin' Katie --> AW! SO cute!! She's dancing in her pearls!! Such a Southern lady!
  • Randomly Lip Syncing Lisa --> I am just giggling out loud at this point! The dogs are looking at me like "huh?!" And then a few seconds later she does the little snake dance down and I cheering!
  • Laura "Black Swan" --> I had to go back and rewatch her dance, I was so busy laughing at her nickname! Which was good because her dance was adorbs!
  • Smexy Shannon --> Yes! Smexy! Holy cow she's dancing down stairs! If I tried that, I would so trip and land on my face!
  • Kirsten "Hand Banging" --> Headbanging! Wow! HOLY AWESOME LOOKIT THAT DRESS I WANT IT.
  • Michelle and Sleepy Maggie --> Bwahahaha!!!! Sirius sleeps like that too! HAHA! 
  • Sarah "Walk Like an Egyptian" --> She isn't... She is!!! That is the best Egyptian walk EVAR!
  • Scott "The Bookanisto" --> This the point where I laughed so hard I nearly knocked over the table and spilled my Sprite. Because (a) Bookanisto and (b) invisible waltzing partner!
  • Jamie and Jamie Jr --> Ahhh! So cute!!! And matching sun glasses!!!!
  • End sequence --> Carol striding backwards like a rockstar...Kirsten's last head bang... and Christine's dance team shaking the book...oh, yeah, the tears are back!
I am in total, 100% amazed, crazy, wow-shouting AWE at you guys!!! This was SUCH a total surprise and I cannot believe it and WOW!!!!!!! You guys ROCK SO HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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