Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I only have a handful of ARCs to give away--literally. Right now, I think the number is only at 3. I plan on doing two giveaways here on this blog, and the other one I donated to WriteOnCon.

WriteOnCon was an entirely free writer's online conference that a group of very selfless and giving bloggers. They donated time--and money--in order to bring this conference to several thousand writers. And they want to keep doing it--but they need help buying server space and with other expenses to keep the program up.


  • If you want a signed ARC--one of only a few--all you have to do is comment on the WriteOnCon page for it.
  • If you want extra entries, all you have to do is donate. Any amount will get ten extra entries. They actually recommend a small amount, such as $5.
  • If the comments go over 75 (and that looks like it will happen any time now), you get a query critique on top of the free ARC.
  • If the comments go over 150, you get a query critique + first ten pages critique + the signed ARC.
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