Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Timed Sessions

Session One: 30 Minutes
  • Beginning Word Count: 47,364
  • Ending Word Count: 48,293
  • Total Words: 929
  • Total Words for the Day: 929
  • Thoughts: It was hard to get started--I spent some time (before the timer) trying to remember where I'd left off before, and I'm not 100% sure the scene I just finished really fits in with the plot of the story...I may have to cut it or move it to later. But I do have a better idea of what to do next, so I can work on this bridge later.

Session Two: 30 Minutes
  • Beginning Word Count: 48,293
  • Ending Word Count: 49,002
  • Total Words: 709
  • Total Words for the Day: 1,638
  • Thoughts: RAWR! So frustrating! I want that word count HIGHER!

Session Three: 30 Minutes
  • Beginning Word Count: 49,002
  • Ending Word Count: 49,850
  • Total Words: 848
  • Total Words for the Day: 2,486
  • Thoughts: Still slow...but I'm better with the pace now because I'm having to go back and make sure certain things are lining up. And because I will break 50k before the end of this session. 50k suddenly seems a lot more than 49k.

Session Four: 20 Minutes
  • Beginning Word Count: 49,850
  • Ending Word Count: 50,538
  • Total Words: 688
  • Total Words for the Day:  3,174
  • Thoughts: Less words than I'd hoped for today--but more than I'd have gotten otherwise. The pace is slower--there's lots of stuff in between the action that needed to happen--but I'm happy where I'm leaving the manuscript now. 

This is the homestretch for me. I figure I'll need about 25k more words or so to finish--and the last words are so much easier than the first ones, which are so much easier than the muddy middle. My goal is to finish this before the beginning of October--and with the timer method, I think that might actually happen...
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