Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bookanista Feature: Elana Johnson's POSSESSION

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POSSESSION by Elana Johnson

You guys.

I'm in love with this cover.

First, there's the white space, drawing the total attention to the image and the sparse words. The boxy font of the title paired with the script of Elana's name is beautiful in contrast.

And that image? Genius. You have a butterfly* trapped in ice--something beautiful and free contained, controlled--possessed. And can I just say that I love the crack in the ice! It makes it seem almost painful...or almost as if the butterfly can escape...

And last but not least, take a look at that tagline. "Control or be controlled." Guys, this is the epitome of a tagline--short, simple, but perfectly succinct. And what's even cooler? Elana came up with that herself.

*Have I mentioned that I freaking love butterflies? They have such symbolic meaning for me--I did my master's thesis on the myth of Cupid and Psyche, which, of course, reflects back into how butterflies are symbolic for the soul. Blue butterflies (the blue morpho, specifically) were my wedding theme. I love me some butterflies.


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