Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Book, A Mystery & Two Clues

Guys, remember when I mentioned that NIGHTSHADE had some brilliant marketing going on? Well, I got sucked right into the story: this Monday, I received a package from the main character, Shay Doran!

[For those of you not in the know: Shay Doran is one of the main characters from NIGHTSHADE, a book coming out in October. The prequel to the book is being done online in an interactive way--basically, Shay's on Facebook, Youtube, and blogging about the events that lead up to the first chapter of NIGHTSHADE. It's been totally fun to participate; you should give it a try!]

Recently, Shay's been exploring his new home, and he found a creepy library filled with books that had secret messages. Instead of trying to figure it all out himself, he sent the books to his readers, so we can post the clues and try to help solve the mystery. [OMGosh, see how much fun this is?!]

Here's what I got on Monday:
The title is Ramuntcho, and it's by Pierre Loti. It's a deliciously old book with gilt on the cover, but the clue is inside.

First, there's this, found on page 106:
Ink drawings link together random words on the page to create a sentence. In case you can't read the picture, the sentence is:

He accomplished his dream for the dark creation.

[DUDE. I know. Awesome, right?]
But wait: there's one more clue:
This one is definitely more complicated, but here's what the words add up to say:

She return to the world as 4 lost things.

I'm assuming this last one is a bit of a stretch--it should probably read "She returns to the world as four lost things."
But hey--how strange! First, we've gone from a "He" to a "She"--and the clue makes a point that it's a "she"--look at the picture, the "s" and "he" had to be made through the drawing. So we're talking about a girl for sure--and she has to return as four things? Hmmm....I'm thinking there's a chance shape-shifting is involved....

What do you all think? Personally, I think this is great fun, and can't wait to discover what happens next!!

COME JOIN THE MYSTERY AND THE CONVERSATION! Visit Shay on Facebook and see the other clues!

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