Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Banned Books

I have no idea why I bother posting that I'm taking a break for a week...because I never do.


This is worth blogging about!

Banned Book Week is coming up soon--it's the last week of September.

Several awesome people in the blogosphere are coming up with ways to celebrate--including The League of Extraordinary Writers--but there are two that I want to highlight today.

First is READ A BANNED BOOK, a website pulled together by author Miriam Forster. She has a place for readers to read a banned book and write a review and guest posts by authors on the topic of banned books. This is a great project, and Miriam is doing a bang-up job with the project!

Next we have Steph Su, over at STEPH SU READS. She's organizing the Banned Books Reading Challenge 2010. Head over to this post to sign up and pledge to read banned books! She has simple and worthy goals with this project:

  • To bring attention to books that have been challenged or banned
  • To support authors whose freedom of expression have been questioned or challenged by buying and reading their books
  • To increase awareness of censorship
So, everyone, go out, read banned books, and fight censorship! As for me, I'm going to re-read my favorite banned book and start working on a review for it...
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