Monday, September 27, 2010

A few quick announcements...



Thank you ALL so much for your well-wishes and good-lucks and happy thoughts. Because man, I was NERVOUS. Nervousnervousnervous. I just didn't want to become known as that-weird-author-who-stutters-and-falls-on-her-face-and-looks-funny. I think I averted that. THIS TIME. c:

I have pictures! And lots of other things to share! But first, a few quick announcements--


There it is ^!!!!! And, did you notice that beautiful, shiny quote on the cover by Kiersten White? *dies of joy*

To celebrate the new cover, the AtU Facebook Page (which isn't run by me, btw), is giving away ANOTHER galley! Just go here, comment on the cover, and you could win! So far, only like 10 people have commented. (PS: I tried to direct link to the contest post--if that doesn't work, go to The fan page also has a poll going on about if you'd choose to stay with your family and be frozen, or stay on Earth and give up your family...)

Also: Jodi just finished reading AtU, and has a review (totally non-spoilerly) here!

Also! VERY VERY SOON this blog page and my author webpage will CHANGE! And I'm freaking excited about it! Because...Manning Krull, the genius behind Carrie Harris's page and Stephanie Perkins's page is doing it! And I've seen it and it is LOVERLY.

OK--tomorrow will be a legit post with news about SIBA and something else awesome that's going on involving NIGHTSHADE and a mystery...
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