Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sign Up for Swag and Review Copies!

Guys--I promise not to turn this into the All-AtU-All-The-Time channel. One last thing, then we're moving on to different subjects! Sorry for the extra booky news lately!

Even if you're not a book blogger, please read this post for a chance to get free stuff! Free for everyone--not just book bloggers!

So, lately I've been getting a lot of requests from book bloggers for ARCs. And...uh....I don't have any more left to give. I didn't get many to start with, and they went FAST! But if you want an ARC, never fear!

  1. There ARE going to be some contests  on this blog to win one! And they'll be open internationally!
  2. There are contests open RIGHT NOW to win one: here, here, and here.
  3. I'm also taking up information that I will pass on to Penguin.

Basically, I'm making a list of book bloggers to send to Penguin, and Penguin will then decide what to do with any remaining ARCs. This doesn't guarantee that you'll get an ARC, but I'll make sure Penguin knows that you're interested. 

However, I've been having trouble keeping track of everything, and it's resulted in a lot of back and forth in emails. SO...I made a simple form to fill out! Then it goes straight into a spreadsheet that can then go straight to Penguin! So: wanna sign up for an ARC? Click the link below!

But, why stop there?

Because I'd like to do something for everyone, book blogger or not. I'm not sure what I can do--it's going to depend on how many people sign up for stuff--but at the very least I'm going to send out some postcards. I'd also like to send out some swag--bookplates? bookmarks? Maybe a special print newsletter? I don't know! It's a mystery! A surprise! So, if you'd like to sign up to win free surprises from me in the mail (and NEVER spam or junk mail), then just sign up here!

☆☆★:*¨¨*:★ ★*¨¨*:★☆☆

☆☆★:*¨¨*:★ ★*¨¨*:★☆☆

Whoops! I forgot to include a spot for country code for my outside-the-US peeps! If you're not in the US, please just put your country code in the zip code section. Sorry! 
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