Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today In Class

We're starting Dante's Inferno in class next week, and to prepare, we've been going over medieval Catholic beliefs. Many of my kids are Southern Baptist and have never heard of Catholicism (first lesson: Catholics are Christians too)--in five years of teaching, I've only ever had two Catholic students.

Kid: So, a preacher is a priest in Catholicism?

Me: Yup, but a priest is a little different from a preacher. A priest doesn't get married, and he swears a vow of chastity. *before the inevitable question* That means they can't have sex.

Kid: NO SEX?!

Me: Nope. None. They're not even supposed to think about it.

Kid: Even the Pope.

Me: Even the Pope.

Kid: But what if he can't help it?

Kid 2: Yeah, what if he sees a hot girl? He can't help thinking about it then.

Kid 3: What if, like, the hot girl just flashes him. It's not his fault she flashes him. I bet he'd have all kinds of sexy thoughts if the hot girl flashes him.

*murmurs of agreement*

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