Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Have More Books than Bookshelves

I do. Seriously, I do. I know this because today was Clean Office day. Because, if I am to be perfectly truthful, I've not cleaned my office...in nearly two years. First my office was Wedding Headquarters--and then after that, I had to start school up again--and then the summer following that was The Summer of Many Trips (yearbook camp with kids, Euro Trip with kids, vacay with husband to celebrate first anniversary). And then school started again. See? It's a vicious cycle of uncleanliness.

But no longer. I decided that today must be Clean Office day. (And I refuse to admit that when I get stuck on writing, I clean things. I won't admit it. But I will say that it is perhaps a good thing that I get stuck when writing, or I'd never clean anything.)

Be that as it may, as I was picking piles of books up from the office floor, reorganizing shelves, etc., I ran out of book shelf space. Literally. Tomorrow I'll post pics, if possible, but for now, trust me: I have filled two floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and two more smaller bookshelves up to their maximum capacity. More than once I tried to cram one more book onto the shelf...and the entire row of books burst from the end.

So, I packed up a bag full of books to take to the library donation box, and I still had twelve YA and MG books left over. Some where newer titles, some were hardbacks and some (I am ashamed to admit) I had not even read yet.

But my lack of bookshelves = your opportunity for free books. This month and next month I'll be doing a big give-away of books: 6 YA books and 6 MG books!

Which leaves me with just one question: which should I start with, YA or MG?
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