Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Excellently Long Post on Life, The Universe, and Everything

....just kidding! I've got a new desk! It's time to write!

How about some live-blogging of writing? Edited to add:

Coming up for air at about 4:30. Completely rewrote on chapter; added about 1,000 words. Back to the grindstone! As of now, 27,700 words written.

It took me 28 k words, but the present tense voice is coming so naturally to me that now when I see a past tense verb, it looks odd.

At 28600 words, Easter candy revitalizes me.

29k words: Ugh. Must stop. Laundry must be taken in from the lines, supper must be cooked. Blergh. I need a housemaid. Or ten.

Ha! Ordered pizza! Take THAT housewifery duties!

9:00. I may have ordered pizza, but the husband still insisted that I eat in an orderly fashion, with him. I offered to eat the pizza at the new desk and he could sit in the room with me while I typed. He refused. Family time ensued, much to my chagrin. Also: found this and had to watch it three times.

9:04. Make that four times.

9:30: 30k words. But I've written myself into a corner. Back to the notes.

Poke the husband. "I am stuck," I say. "Leave me alone," he says. "I have only two more pages of my book." Poke. Poke. Poke. "WHAT?" he says. Hmph. "Nothing," I say.

9:40. I might have gotten out of that corner. Maybe. But I feel as if I'm rambling. Ah, well, that's what cuts are for!

9:53. Yes. I am out of the rut. But I've had to abandon One Really Good Idea. It didn't fit. That sucks.

10:26. 31k words. I don't think I can think straight any longer.

But I'm shooting for 40k words tomorrow. And I'll live blog it all day!

I'll update this as I go!
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