Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For free speech, against SOPA

If you are an American citizen--
no matter what your age--
no matter if you can vote or not--
if you value free speech--
if you value knowledge--

Censorship is not the answer to piracy.
Taking away the freedoms of all
is not a just punishment for the crimes of a few.

Senate votes on SOPA on January 24th.


Bethany Elizabeth said...

Thanks for raising awareness! :)

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but why only if you're an American Citizen? You could live legally in this country and still not be an American Citizen, and still want to speak out for this cause...Just a question. Honestly don't mean anything mean by it, I'm really just curious. :)

The Romance Bookie said...

Great post! :)

Hardygirl said...

It's amazing how people are so over-the-top reactionary about the threat of piracy! I don't want people to steal my hard work . . . but this goes way too far.


S.J.Kincaid said...

Well said! Stopping piracy does not justify handing large companies or governments the ability to censor the internet.

Unknown said...

Hi Anon! I was just thinking in terms of contacting specific senators in one's own district, but of course I would really appreciate anyone from anywhere protesting this ridiculous bill!