Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday's Live-Blog

Read this First!

The lovely Gwenda Bond did an interview with me at Lightspeed Magazine (which you might recall I talked about last week here). You can now read the full interview online, for free. This is one of the most specific, detailed interviews I've ever done, so if you've ever had any questions about Across the Universe, my writing process, or my road to publication, I definitely suggest checking it out. And while you're there, you should also totally check out Lightspeed--it's a reasonably priced online magazine that is chock full of fantastic information on super cool authors and short stories by some faves--the story ahead of my interview is a steampunk by Cassie Clare and is brilliant.

Now on to the Live-Blog!
As usual, this will be updated throughout the day as I continue writing.

10:04: Wake up. No shame.

10:05-12:55: Things happened. I dunno. I guess I was there, but I don't remember most of it.

12:55: Ban myself from Twitter, open up Scrivener.

32% done!

12:56: I need to write 33% of my goal...today...and another 33% tomorrow to win my bet with Steph--and with you guys. *sigh* Procrastination can suck it. Now is GO TIME.

1:06: Right. Now is GO TIME.

1:16: When I get 35% done, I can eat lunch. *chugs coffee* I have to force myself to get through this scene; I hate writing scenes where people are angry at each other. I have no idea how JK Rowling wrote Book 6.

1:19: Ha! Caught Steph on Twitter! ...except, to catch her on Twitter means I was on Twitter... *ignore that fact*

1:53: Kiersten White is totally conspiring to distract me. She blogged about Nathan Fillion today!

2:08: Woot! I earned lunch!

36% done!

Just a quick one, though--still stuck in that terrible scene, and I've got to write my way out of it.

3:02: Quick lunch what?

3:19: You guys, I am so caught up with this whole Much Ado About Nothing thing. I mean--zomg! Nathan Fillion AND Sean Maher in a film by Joss Whedon based on a play by Shakespeare?!?! With original music?!?! I cannot focus with this much awesome pumping through the interwebs.

3:21: Joss Whedon, btw, is my hero. Like, for realsies.

3:45: Going strong.

40% done!

3:58: Back in.

42% done!

5:16: I have been productive! I did the dishes! By which I mean: I put them in the dishwasher. SHUT UP IT STILL COUNTS.

8:05: I...don't wanna work..

9:33: I'm going to take a notebook and sketch out ideas for the next bit of the book--maybe that'll help me get a jump start tomorrow.


NeuroHormone said...


barmybex said...

Come on you can do it!

Just tell yourself that everytime you log on Twitter or Facebook etc that a fairy/elf/pixie/magical creature of some description Dies! Therefore your procrastination is having devastating effects - bet you want to sit and do your writing now! :P

Bethany said...

zzz... I think I need a cheerleader today too! I've had two hot cocoa coffee's and I'm falling asleep at my desk! I really love this live bloggin thing - I'll be checking in, if I'm not drooling on my keyboard. Good luck with the writing! :D

Stephanie Perkins said...

NeuroHormone is right. You seriously can't lose.


Tristina said...

You can do it! 33% is nothing. Are you going to let that 33% own you? NO!

Jenny said...

Just checked out the interview and it's amazing! Its nice to know that authors like you and Steph have actually earned their published books, rather than celebrity "written" books (Snooki, Lauren Conrad anyone?).

Drina said...

I loved your interview - writing 10 full books is dedication! Good luck with the writing competition! :)

Stephanie Perkins said...

42% . . .

You are a goddess.

Meanwhile, I just deleted an entire chapter, because it was only kissing and served no plot purpose. OUCH OUCH OUCH. The sting!

Unknown said...

...wait, whole chapters with nothing but kissing don't count?

Alex said...

C'mon! You've written two books, I'm sure you can write everything regardless of whether they're kept! Write like the wind!

Christina Farley said...

Love this! I'm all inspired to get my chunk done tonight.

And Stephanie yes, whole chapters of kissing are VERY important!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

:D I count loading the dishwasher as doing the dishes, too. :)

lizzieTC said...

You will achieve this goal. If not, I will hold you personally accountable at YALLFest. Good luck! *does unflattering cheer pose, then denies it ever happened*.
*looks*. Wow, they really did do a great job going in depth.

*gets back to work (reading blogs)*

Angela Brown said...

This live blog thing is the coolest-ness. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Christina M said...

Almost halfway there.. Go, go! I am so fascinated by the "Live Blogging" idea. It is amazing to see in "real time" how many things there are to distract someone who works from her computer. Maybe you could invest in a typewriter?

Melissa/welachild said...

I'm rootin' for you Beth! And Nathan Fillion...yummmmm!

M. Dunham said...

I love Scrivener. It has to be the best writing program ever for organization of a big project.

We're going to have to turn off your internet though so you can focus more. ;P

Amanda Olivieri said...

Haha! I love these live blogs, totally reminds me of myself (the battling procrastination part). Good job today!

Michael @ The Bookshelf Review said...

I really hope you made your goal. It sounds like it will be a fantastic third book. =] I know you can make it, your such an inspiration. =] You can do it. =]

Anonymous said...

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