Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dragon*Con and Decatur Book Fest

I'm leaving! For the rest of the Labor Day Weekend, I'll be splitting my time between Dragon*Con in Atlanta and Decatur Book Fest in Decatur (near Atlanta). If you're near the area, come introduce yourself to me!

Before I go, a few quick updates:

  • In the past two days, the entries for the Creative Contest literally doubled! Between the increase in entries and the fact that I'm leaving tomorrow--I just can't decide on the winner right now. It will be the first thing I do when I get back early next week, though, I swear! It's just that you guys are so awesome that I can't decide!!
  • I will probably be unable to check email, post here, etc., but I DO plan on tweeting (yay for SmartPhones!), so if you want to keep up with me, follow me at @BethRevis
And, just in case you'll be in Atlanta for it, here's my schedule!

·      5:30-6:30: DragonCon: A707 Marriott
o   The Hunger Games: What did you love the most about the series? (all three books)
·      8:30-7:30: DragonCon: Hanover C-E Hyatt
o   Harry Potter from Page to Screen: High and low points of the movie franchise; did the books translate well?

·      11:00-12:30: Decatur Book Fest; The Escape at the Decatur Library
o   Past and Future Loves: the allure of romance both historic and futurisitc
·      1:00-2:00: DragonCon: Hanover C-E Hyatt
o   The Hero’s Journey of Neville Longbottom: How does the Hero’s Journey translate to Neville and other secondary HP characters?
·      4:00-5:00: DragonCon: Beth Revis reading
o   Roswell-Hyatt

·      10:00-11:00: DragonCon: A707-Marriott
o   Read and discuss AtU book club style
·      11:30-12:30: DragonCon: Manila/Singapore/Hong Kong-Hyatt
o   The Why and How of YA: Is YA right for you? Discuss differences in YA, MG, and adult fiction
·      1:00-2:00: DragonCon: A707 Marriott
o   Online Interactions: How do kids and teens use technology to interact with books and authors today? Do they expect more as they turn the last page of that novel?
·      2:30-3:30: DragonCon: M301-M304-Marriott
o   DragonCon Autographs

Monday: Leave!
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