Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tasty Reading!

There's been a lot going on between tours and ARC arrivals and everything else, but you've not forgotten the creative contest, have you? You have until August 31st to come up with anything that deals in anyway with ACROSS THE UNIVERSE or A MILLION SUNS and you could win an epic prize, including the first signed ARCs of AMS and a custom charm bracelet (and more!)

Today's entry comes via Cait, and, lemme tell you, it looks quite tasty! I think I should only count it as an entry if she sends me a sample, don't you? ;)

Meanwhile, the Ash 2 Nash tour is officially over--and it was SUCH a whirlwind of awesome that I can't even begin to describe it. Nearly every event was standing-room-only, and the bookstores were lovely and kind hosts to our bit of crazy. Here's a few pictures (all stolen):

The Nashville Event at Barnes & Noble.
Picture stolen shamelessly from here.

The BAM event in Kingsport, picture stolen shamelessly from here.

Did you know that the roots of this tour came about after the infamous Branson retreat this February? And that Victoria, Myra, and I made this tour entirely by ourselves, with no monetary support from our pubs--for about $200 each? I'm working on a post about this right now actually, but my point-in-brief is this: if you love books and love readers, you can easily give back to the community that made your dreams come true.

Meanwhile, I think I'm going to drool over this some more:

More details on how YOU can enter for the Creative Contest prize here!
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