Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Creative Contest Entries!

You have until midnight to get any last entries in, but I wanted to show you all the entries I've received so far!

To showcase everything, I created a Glog for you--an interactive poster with all the entries on it! You can click on any picture--or the song, or the video--and you'll go to the site of the artist. If the embedded poster below is too small to see (there were a lot of entries to fit in!)

Below is a list of full credits for the above Glog and links to other entries. If the entry was sent via a link, I've linked it both below and in the Glog. If it was emailed or given to me in person, there is no link. Please let me know if anything doesn't work!

Not Pictured:
-Across the Universe Badges by Margaret (she gave them to me in person, and my camera's broken at the moment! Will upload pics ASAP!)
-Across the Universe Press Kit by Jess (it's not really the kind of entry that can be pictured!)
-Work by Sheri--there was one entry that came through as an error. If you're Sherri and your work isn't pictured, please let me know
-Anyone who submitted their entry after 2:00 EST August 30 isn't in the Glog, but I'll be adding updates here when I can!

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