Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few Updates

  • WriteOnCon has started! Hurrah! And if you'd like to see a vlog by me--about Failure (maybe) with pictures of all my previous manuscripts, check it out on Tuesday at 4:00
  • Don't forget that the Secret of the Stars girls are hosting a mystery prize giveaway, linked to my Creative Contest. They're also hosting an ARC tour of A MILLION SUNS, which is closed now--but if you missed out, these are the girls to be watching for future such events, so make sure you're following them :)
  • Now that the Ash2Nash tour is over, I've got a little time to recoup--and work on Book 3--before Dragon*Con and the Decatur Book Fest in Georgia. If you're anywhere near Atlanta, get thee to these events! They're awesome.
  • Posting will be...spotty in the near future. I've got to focus on things such as, yanno, writing Book 3.
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