Friday, September 4, 2009

Today in Class: The Final Frontier

Hi! I plan to be back on regular scheduled posts next week--taking this week off has been a real relief both in getting my class schedule back on track and with getting back to my writing life, which I'd put on hold as well. As a reward for your patience: a TiC!

We're studying the role of religion in society (in terms of how it applies to literature) in my class today.

Me: [Reading an excerpt from Joseph Campbell.]

Kid 1: Yeah, but he's just some guy. It's not like this effects us today.

Me: Well, George Lucas sure liked some of Campbell's theories. Campbell's not some random dead old guy--a lot of people like George Lucas are influenced by his writings.

Kid 2: Who is George Lucas? Is he that guy who does commercials? For like insurance or something.

Me: What?!

Kid 2: Yeah, you know. Those commercials. And he talks funny.

Me: What?! No!

The entire class:
*strange looks as we try to figure out what she means*

Kid 1:
Wait, are you talking about Captain Kirk?

Kid 2: I dunno! Some space guy!


Sorry, PJ!

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