Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Best Book in the WORLD Giveaway!

Read below for a chance to win the BEST book published in the last five years!

When I started this blog, I didn't think I'd ever get more than a handful of followers. In fact, I hesitated to put up the follower widget, because I feared that I would just embarrass myself like that time I threw a party and no one showed up, not even my best friend.

But look! I've just hit 200 followers! Which is so cool I can't even stand myself. So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I'm going to give away a book!

But not just any book. No, this deserves something special. I'm going to give away a very special book. This book is one that I consider to be the BEST book published in the last five years.

What book is that, you might ask? Well, here are some clues:
  • This book has been marketed to both teens and adults
  • It is a hard-to-define genre
  • It is award-winning (and deservedly so)
  • It is a best-seller in several countries, including America
  • It gives a new spin on a subject that is often written about
Do you know what it is? Have a guess?

Your Mission: Figure out what the mystery book is--and win it!
Since I'm celebrating having 200 followers, I'm going to have 2 weeks worth of clues. From now until October 5, I am going to post a clue a day. On October 5, you'll have a chance to guess what the book is--the first person to figure out what book I think is the best book written in the past five years gets TWENTY FIVE additional entries into a drawing to WIN a brand new paperback copy of that book. Everyone else still has a chance, though! If you correctly guess the book, but aren't first, you get TEN extra entries into the hat. And ANYONE who posts here what book THEY think is the best book published in the last five years gets an entry, too!

How to Win:
  • Comment to this post by telling me what YOU think is the best book published in the last five years for ONE entry
  • Since this give-away is in celebration of my followers, all people who are followers of my blog get FIVE entries for commenting on this post and mentioning they are a follower
  • On October 5, I will post the final clue to the mystery book. The FIRST person to comment with the correct title of the book gets TWENTY FIVE entries
  • Anyone else who comments with the correct title in that post gets TEN extra entries
  • There will be one winner, drawn from a massively big hat
Enter now! Comment below and let me know what YOU think is the best book published in the last five years.
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