Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Critter the Writter!

So, on Sunday I introduced you to Critter, the monster on a mission to travel the blogosphere! After I showed him around my home, he decided it was time to do more adventurous things. Well, when you tell a writer to go do adventurous things, that writer's first instinct is simple:

Go to the coffee house.

But we weren't just here to drink coffee. Oh no! This is Critter's first critique meeting! See, that's my friend Robyn's manuscript under his tush, and we're reviewing our notes for Robyn. Critter is a critiquer!

Of course, I always get to the coffee house way early for my critique meeting, so that I can get properly strung out on caffeine so I can review my critique notes. So while I was chugging coffee making some final comments, Critter started looking at the Scholastic book order form.

What are you looking at Critter? Any good books there? Let me see...
NO, CRITTER!!!! NO!!!!!! LOOK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately, Robyn showed up soon afterwards, and I tore Critter from vampiric-messy-haired boys.

Where will Critter go next? What adventures will he get into? And will he ever meet a vampire with sexy enough hair? TIME WILL ONLY TELL.
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