Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Blog of the Month!

Remember when I was researching agents? As I was scrolling through all my starred articles, I noticed that nearly a third were all written by one delightful person: Casey McCormick at Literary Rambles. So, of course, I had to make her Writing Blog of the Month!

Casey's blog is immensely helpful to any writer. Not only does she post inspiring updates of her own work (with the super-useful context of goal vs. success), Casey also posts Research Tip Tuesday articles (expect one from yours truly soon!).

What really sets Casey and her blog apart, though, is that she truly cares about promoting the knowledge and aiding the research of aspiring authors. The most helpful feature of her blog is the regular posts of information from agents called Agent Spotlight. While this may not sound like much--after all, you can just go to Query Tracker or Agent Query for agent info--Casey's made an effort to not only compile ALL the information on the agent, but also to add in the extras that are often over-looked by big-name databases. With quotes from clients, snippets of interviews, and direct links to helpful sites, Casey's blog is one of the FIRST places I go to for agent information...even before the big-name databases.

We'll have an interview with Casey soon, but until then, be sure to check out her blog. It really is one of the best ones on the web for aspiring authors!
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