Thursday, January 29, 2009

Which Would You Do...

This is the sort of thing my brain thinks of before caffeine:

If you could have one book published--but only one book--and that book would 100% for sure be published, and you would 100% for sure have moderate success (a good advance, book tour, signings and readings--but we're not talking JK Rowling here), BUT after this happened you would 100% for sure never publish again (you can write all you want--just not be published)...would you do that instead of staying in the rat race of publication and trying to break out with your own chops, knowing the chances? Which would be better--guaranteed one perfect slam dunk, or just the chance to stay in the game and hope the ball comes your way?

(PS: I know forms of this question have circulated around the intarwebs before...but it is a really interesting thing--at least now, when I still haven't had caffeine--and I'd be very interested in knowing your thoughts)

So...which would you do?
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