Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today, at the Coffee House

I went to the coffee house today for my bi-weekly meeting with my local crit partner. Before my partner showed up, a regular at the coffee house leaned back over the couch in front of the blazing fire and looked at me.

"You're that girl writing the book, right?"

My partner and I can get kinda loud :)

"Yup," I said, hoping that she couldn't see my laptop, which did not show my new WIP or something productive, but was instead open on a LOLCat page.

"You know, I thought about writing a book. What are you writing, like reality stuff?"

"Um..." I can already tell this conversation will require gin in the coffee. "No, fantasy. For kids. You know, like Harry Potter."

"Oh, yeah, easy stuff. I think I'll just write a devotional book, based on my life. That won't be hard. You could make money off that sort of thing, couldn't you? Just get it published, and then you're set."

"Um... Yeah..."

Thank goodness Robyn showed up after that!
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