Thursday, September 11, 2014

Only 50 Copies Left!! Order THE BODY ELECTRIC now!

Just a friendly reminder that once the Limited Edition books are sold out, they're gone forever! Only 350 will ever be made*, and they are very special indeed, chock full of features, swag, and art.

You can read all about the Limited Edition and everything it includes here--and all of that for just $14.99! 

Some of you have mentioned that it's a lot of swag and extras for such a low price. And you're right. This is my gift to you. This is my way of thanking you for supporting me and my work. And this is my way of thanking local indie bookstores--in particular Malaprops, which has supported me from the start.

Every sale of this book directly benefits Malaprops, a beautiful local indie bookstore in the heart of Asheville. All the sales are going through them and only through them--and they told me today some very important news:


Soooo...if you want a Limited Edition copy of the book, complete with swag and signatures and all kinds of goodies--ORDER NOW!

Of course, you will still be able to order a copy of the book regardless after this--it just won't have all the goodies.

Pre-order Ebooks:

Print books will be on sale on October 6. There will be two versions available: a special edition (with all the extra goodies in the back--short story, interview, history, etc.) and a regular edition that's just the book. They'll be on sale at Amazon, BN, IndieBound, and anywhere else you request it.

AND DON'T FORGET! You can enter to win a copy of the book from GoodReads here!

BUT IF YOU WANT A LIMITED EDITION--ORDER NOW! You get all the goodies, you support an indie bookstore, and while you're there, you could order some more signed books from author friends! Such as...Stephanie Perkins, Alexandra Duncan, Megan Shepherd, Meagan Spooner, Alan Gratz, and more! BUY ALL THE BOOKS!!!

*350 copies of the Limited Edition are being made, but only 300 will be sold. The other 50 I am reserving for giveaways, reviews, and things like that.

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