Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Reviewers Wanted

So, there was a mistake at the printers I was using for copies of THE BODY ELECTRIC, and I have about seven defective copies of the book. They look perfectly fine on the outside, and the book itself is totally readable. The only problem is that the art on the title page was blacked out, so it's basically a blank black page rather than an image.

Obviously, I can't sell these copies, but I could give them away... I'm planning some major giveaways for readers soon, but nothing reviewer-specific. So I thought...why not give these defective copies to some earlier reviewers?

If you run a book blog or otherwise do reviews of books (i.e. for your newspaper, on GoodReads, whatever), then sign up below! I'll just do a random giveaway for this, and it'll be super short, as I'd like to get these in the mail ASAP. This giveaway will end 11:59pm, EST, on Sunday.

So! If you do any kind of book reviews, just sign up with your email address below. I'll select 5 or more random people from the sign-up form and send them copies of the book--just be advised that these are defective copies with the title page messed up. Open internationally; if you're younger than 19, get your parent/guardian's permission to enter.

Note: If you are one of the reviewers I have contacted directly to request a review, you do NOT need to sign up here. The delay in your copy is because of this printing error--you'll get the copies I promised you as soon as clean copies come back from the printer! 

The giveaway is now over!
Thanks to everyone for participating.
Books are being mailed to the randomly chosen entrants: 
--Liz G.
--Kimberly D.

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