Friday, September 5, 2014

A Sneak Peek at the Extra Features in THE BODY ELECTRIC Limited Edition!

There's about 100 copies left of the Limited Edition of THE BODY ELECTRIC available from my local indie bookstore, Malaprops, and to help convince you to buy one of these awesome limited editions, I thought I'd show you guys some of the awesome that's going to be included :)

Designed by the brilliant Hafsah at IceyDesigns, the Limited Edition cover is matte--it has a smooth, velvet finish that makes me want to pet it. That's weird. I shouldn't say that. AND YET.

Notice also the special ribbon there at the bottom--this book is definitely a Limited Edition.

And while we're speaking of Hafsah's design--take a look at the beautiful interior design of the book!

This book also has a special signing page, that's just for this edition, and every book will be signed and numbered. Of course, you can still get it personalized--just let Malaprops know when you order it!

 And I want to take a moment and say that this really, truly is a limited edition. Only 350 books are going to be made in this edition, and only 300 will be for sale. Of course, you can get the regular book--but it won't have all the content, and it won't be signed and numbered.

So get yours now while it's still available!

There are about twenty extra pages of content in this book, including a map and lots of extra features. I've reprinted my story, "The Turing Test," in this edition, along with a page explaining how this short story (which I thought of after a conversation in Subway of all places) sparked the idea that eventually turned into a whole novel.

But I definitely wanted more content for you guys--you deserve it! So, in addition to the short story, I also have...

An article about how the book came to be, and...

...and exclusive interview about writing, sci fi, and more, plus...

...A brief history of the future of the world, which was a trip to write!

The Limited Edition includes a special packet full of swag and exclusive things! The boring stuff first: every limited edition will include a coupon code for a free copy of the e-book; I believe e-books should be included with print books, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is and including a free copy with each limited edition. It will be available in multiple formats, and will work with Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, and most other e-reading devices.

Swag will include a beautiful bookmark, a fun sticker, an extra print copy of the map of the world, and a series of amazing, stunning, and beautiful art cards--featuring art not just from The Body Electric, but also from Across the Universe!

You've seen some of them before:

The Mucha-style illustrations are by Christine Tyler, and every Limited Edition comes with a set. BUT THERE'S MORE! You'll also get a set of cards designed by the extremely artist Hizome, an extraordinarily talented design student.

Her first illustration features Elder watching over a sleeping Amy underneath a tree on Centauri-Earth. I love the look in Elder's eyes, and the cute way Amy's sleeping!

And here's Hizome's illustration of Jack and Ella, the main characters of The Body Electric. She's chosen to show them on the rooftop garden in Ella's Maltese home, and there are so many perfect details to the illustration. I love the way she gave Jack such a long face, and the silver locket is exactly like I envisioned it. And if you look closely, there's a tiny bee flying...a deeply symbolic image in the book.

 AND THAT'S NOT ALL. OMG you guys, there's so much awesome here. Because I have one last set of art cards to show you--by Marion Bordeyne, of Petra Pan fame on tumblr! Her cards are themed couples.

First there's Amy and Elder sharing a sweet kiss. Amy's hair is perfect, and Elder's stance-- *romantic sigh*

And here we have Jack and Ella. I love the way she's sort of pushing him away just as he reaches for her. Their dynamic is so difficult to capture, but I think Marion did it perfectly here.

AND OMG THAT'S NOT ALL. I had some special swag made for you guys. Lesley at SweetGeek has a brilliant idea to make a necklace with interchangeable plates. Each of the designs is a small magnet (so if you're not a necklace-wearing person, feel free to use the magnets on whatever you want). Each necklace pack comes with three designs--although I'm sure you could order more from her Etsy store if you're so inclined!

Here I am modeling my necklace at DragonCon! 

I'll be including one of these necklace sets randomly in FIVE of the limited edition packets. It'll be totally random--I'm not even the person packaging the books that are pre-ordered--but five of you will be getting this extra in your packages! And if you come to my live event on October 7, you can get pin buttons in the same design--plus lots more swag. :)

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