Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Launch Party for THE BODY ELECTRIC!

Ermahgerd, it's almost time for The Body Electric's release! O.O How can it possibly be that time already?! It feels like just yesterday I was still pouring over the book, tweaking commas and cutting semicolons.

But the calendar tells me it's almost October.

And October 6th is the day The Body Electric is released.

And October 7th is the day Malaprop's is hosting a launch party for the book! I have been told that there will be cupcakes, and I know there will be books, and I shall attempt to be witty and informative and answer any questions you may have about the book or publishing, and I would love to see you there! While the Limited Editions are all sold out, I'll have copies of the Special Edition for sale there (all the same content, minus the special signed/number page), and I'll be giving out as much swag as I can while I still have supplies of it. Did I mention the cupcakes?

So if you're in the area--come see me! This is the first event I'll be doing for The Body Electric, and one of the few events I'm doing solo, so I'm super nervous about it. But no matter what happens, in the end there will be books and cupcakes, so that seems to indicate a good party to me :)

Edited to add: Since this book is a self published book, you may start seeing it available for sale a little earlier than October 6. It doesn't have a hard release date, so once bookstores get it, they can put it on sale.

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