Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Diversions: 50 Years of Space Exploration & Music!

A really cool graphic of 50 years of space exploration. Full size: click here.
Personally, I think it's cool to look at the ones that haven't completed missions yet. Like New Horizons, launched in '08 with a dotted line for the year 2015, when it reaches Pluto.

A very neat music video about being lost in space. Love the graphics (and the song). 
Thanks to HC_Palmquist for showing it to me!


Matthew MacNish said...

That poster/graph/timeline thing is freaking awesome. The possibilities!

Anonymous said...

I love graphics like this. It always reminds me of when I had to draw the whole solar system for a third grade project and how much I enjoyed the learning about it. If that makes me a nerd, well power to the nerds :-)

Jennifer said...

I saw that infographic somewhere else not too long's pretty freakin' sweet. :D

Melissa/welachild said...

What a great chart!
The music video had a great background. It looked cool when the girl was alone walking in space.

Liana Brooks said...

Isn't that the best poster?