Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Third iClue!

Are you keeping up with the mystery featuring Harley and Kayleigh from ACROSS THE UNIVERSE? If not, click here to start, read the first clue here, and the second clue here.

Today you get the last clue—and all the info you need to solve the mystery and enter for a grand prize of an iPod Touch! Also: there may or may not be kissing involved. To read the conclusion to the mystery, get the final clue, and feel all smart about yourself, just click here!

Updated link that actually works! 


Amanda Milner said...

Defiiiiinitely not feeling smart!;) Lol! I'm not seeing we have to sign up or be members on that book club website first? Oh, it a time difference thing? Your post says Thursday the 7th, aha! I got it, obviously your from another dimension! Silly me, why didn't I think about that before? ;) Ok, I'll check back tomorrow. I'm just super anxious to read the rest of that story! (KISS HER!)

Britta said...

Is that the right link?

barmybex said...

i hope I got the clue right, it wasn't at all obvious to me, put what I thought you were trying to get at, but it seemed too obvious. Oh well, will have to wait and see. :D

Great story. :D

Litza said...

I agree with the previous comment... it seemed too easy! I hope I got it right, too. I'm so glad I was able to read a little more about Harley. I love him!

Snazel said...

Now Harley makes me even more sad. Ah well.

That was a fun story though, thank you! :D