Monday, April 4, 2011

iClue Mystery Launch! Kayleigh's Mystery

Hi guys! Welcome to the first week of the iClue Month Extravaganza! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here for more info but the basic idea is this: all this week, I’m going to be posting a mystery dealing with the characters from ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. If you solve the mystery, you’ll get a password that will enter you for a grand prize of an iPod Touch! I hope you enjoy this week’s mystery—and the mysteries from the awesome authors throughout the rest of the month!

BACKSTORY: One of my favorite characters who gets no face time at all in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is Kayleigh—Harley’s girlfriend from before Amy wakes up. So for this mystery, I’m introducing you to the girl who won the artist’s heart. This story takes place about three years before ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, when Elder was still a kid and Harley had just started to realize how much Kayleigh meant to him…

To read the story and get started on the mystery, click here to visit the official iClue site, then click on my name for this mystery. 

Check back every day this week for links to the clues so you can solve the mystery and enter for the grand prize of an iPod Touch! And don't forget--spread the word and you could win six signed copies of all our books!


melannie (: said...


I *adore* Harley, and can't wait to hear more about Kayleigh O:

Scoot said...

Loved the first clue... can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

I'm very intrigued. And oh, my, this soup's delicious, isn't it?