Monday, September 28, 2009

The Problem

...with pre-writing posts and scheduling them throughout the week, is that I find myself clicking over to this blog to find out what you think about X, then remember that's not being posted until Wednesday.



Cat said...

Ha ha! I do that, too! In fact I was so sure I had posted something and lost the post that I was frantic, but it still had two more days until it actually published. ;)

Shannon Morgan said...

Well, I think X is an excellent letter, worthy of use in most sentences.

Helpful? ;)

Clementine said...

LOL! At least you plan! I'll give you a gold star anyway, Miss Beth. I love your blog!

Robyn Campbell said...

This is a prob we all face from time to time. Get used to it! :) Just kidding. Hey, my dang email is out AGAIN! UGH! :)