Friday, February 18, 2011

PRIZE WINNERS & A Taste of What's Coming Next Week...

I'm dreading Wednesday. And that's all I'm saying. Oh, well, that and:
  • Next week will be quite pink
  • The week after will be quite prize-ful
  • And if you have no idea why, click here.

Meanwhile, I do have prizes to give out! Last week, I posted about a contest for signed posters (TEN of them!) from the Breathless Reads tour! Well, I selected the TEN! winners, and they are:
  1. Becky from Nebraska!
  2. Katie from Texas!
  3. Patty from Pennsylvania!
  4. Anita from Alabama!
  5. Andrea from Maryland!
  6. Nicole from Florida!
  7. Kay from Indiana!
  8. Krystal from California!
  9. Ashley from Ohio!
  10. Lorena from Pennsylvania!
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