Monday, February 7, 2011

Contest! Signed Breathless Reads Poster

You know what? A thank you video isn't enough. It's just not. I should totally give you guys some prizes!

So, as many of you know, I'm heading out for tour on February 9th (meanwhile, I'm currently in Branson with moose other writers on a retreat: I expect hilariously embarrassing pictures to follow). And Penguin's sending me with four other TOTALLY AMAZING authors! There's Kirsten Miller (THE ETERNAL ONES), Brenna Yovanoff (THE REPLACEMENT), Andrea Cremer (NIGHTSHADE), Ally Condie (MATCHED). And me.

It's called the Breathless Reads Tour (find out more about the title here) and I'm still looking over my shoulder saying, "Who, me?" I cannot believe how lucky I am to keep company with these ladies.

 I've read all their books, WOW. (If you want to get a signed copy of one, Ally's holding a contest for it here.) And if you need some convincing of how amazing these books are:

And because Penguin knows how to properly throw a party, they have made some super-awesome posters to go along with the tour, and the first 100 or so people who show up at the tour stops are going to be able to get a poster--and get each of us to sign it (if they want). So, if you are going to be in the area, you should TOTALLY come out to our stops to (a) I can meet you and (b) you can get a poster. For more information on the tour stops, you can check it out here or here.

Wanna see the poster? Of course you do. It's...breathtaking (swidt?).

But that's only five cities. And I know that's a long (crazy-long) drive for many of you. So....I asked Penguin if I could give away a signed poster on here. And Penguin said, how about ten?

That's right.


And all you have to do is sign up below before Valentine's Day, and we'll randomly draw ten names and send them a poster--signed by ALL the authors!

Since Penguin's doing this for everyone, I thought it would be nice to thank them by getting some more followers on the Breathless Reads Facebook Page. So, if you have a Facebook and don't mind liking awesome books, give them a like here, and I'll give you one extra entry into the drawing. 

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