Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creative Picture Runners-Up!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, there were a few stand-outs in the Creative Picture Contest that I just couldn't help but pester them ask them if I could feature their pictures, too. And good news! All but one of these were emailed entries, so they're probably new to you, too :D

This one by Jasmine was featured on the Facebook page, too, and was a serious contender for winner (as well as this one with her friend Jacinda). This one wins for me, though, based solely on the fact that my husband totally loves these old arcade style games, and I just think it's hilarious to make the book play the old Asteroids. It totally had me cracking up.

This one by Ashley totally blew my mind. I have to be honest...I've not see Tron yet. But I love the allusion to it here, and the fact that she's holding the book up, and the logo in the corner, and the moon! The moon!!!

I know Heather's a friend of mine, but I promise that didn't sway me in picking her as a runner-up. I just thought this picture was ADORABLE. It reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes in all the best ways. And the lighting here was just magical. And she's hugging the book. I'm so partial to anyone who hugs my book. And the helmet! The helmet!!!

Eve's entry didn't technically qualify because it's an ARC (and she knew that--she just sent it in to share with me, not to enter), but I liked it so much I totally threw it in this post to be a runner-up. It's just...you guyssss.....she put my little book next to FIREFLY and HITCHHIKERS GUIDE!!!! And the books are all cussing in their own special way! Y'all know I like me some cussing! XD

And that's it--my own personal runners up! I really and truly and sincerely totally loved all of your entries! It was so amazing to just see all of you guys with my book! I can't even put into words how cool that was. But unless iMovie fails me, I should hopefully have a video... Shhh. I can't say nothing yet.
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