Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bookanista Feature: Jackie Dolamore's MAGIC UNDER GLASS

I am, perhaps the last person on Earth to read MAGIC UNDER GLASS by Jackie Dolamore. But for today's Bookanista post, I wanted to feature this title, even if I am the last person on Earth to read it.

First: good news! The sequel to MAGIC UNDER GLASS will be out next year, titled MAGIC UNDER STONE. So, if you, like me, are late in reading this book, you also have a shorter time to wait for the sequel. And you're gonna want the sequel. 

A little about the plot of this book: Nimira is a music-hall girl from a foreign country, hoping to make a living as a dancer and singer. When a local sorcerer picks her out of the dance hall to work as a singer with his piano-playing automaton, Nim jumps at the chance to raise her status (and income). But the automaton isn't what he seems to be, and soon Nim finds herself trying to discover just what--or who--he is.

  • Lyrical writing: Nim's voice is careful and evenly paced in a style that reminds me of Laini Taylor's writing.
  • Hard choices: Nim is in a truly hard position in society and in choosing which path she'll take, with more than one perfectly reasonable and viable option for her. 
  • Detailed consequences: I don't want to give anything away, but that THING that happens to the automaton that involves SKIN was...ew. EW. And also: sad. So sad. 
  • Hopeful end: This book doesn't end with a bow on top--but it does end with hope. I'm satisfied as a reader, but still very eager for the sequel.
  • Strong protagonist: I liked Nim. I mean, I really liked her. I wanted to sit her down and talk to her. I wanted to help her decide what to do. I cheered and cried for her. She's definitely the kind of character I could get behind.

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