Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breathless Tour: Denver Stop!

My Favorite Things about the Denver Stop:
  • Danika, the teen interviewer. She was PRECIOUS. She had a cute little reporters notebook, had prepped questions for each of us, took brilliant notes, and she even had business cards. Business cards!!!! It was too cute for words.
  • Audience questions--once again, I was just blown away by how thoughtful the questions from the audience were. It was wonderful to really think of new answers and share with everyone.
My Favorite Things about Tattered Cover:

  • The enticing displays. We all got a little lost just walking through the door because there were so many neat and beautiful display tables of books.
  • The tile in the bathroom--the tiles were different book covers! I think I scared a lady because I spent so much time just staring at the tiles in the bathroom.
  • Friendly friendly friendly people. One of the people who worked there CLAPPED when we came in! Judy moderated the whole event wonderfully, and I really just felt surrounded by love. These were some great, down-home friendly people, and I totally appreciated that.
  • Tattered Cover also gave all of us gifts: bookmarks engraved with our names and the date. I cried when I got mine. No lie. 

Some WOW Moments:
    • Brenna was to my left and saw Becca first and did a little yelp of joy, and then when I saw who it was I nearly fell out of my seat!!! 
  • One of the people in attendance (LemonLight) had drawn out bookplates for each of our covers. They. Were. AMAZING. Such detail--she had really read through the books and picked out things in them that would emphasize the story. In mine, Amy was holding herself as if she were cold, and Elder stood over a canopy of stars. Really: amazing. Just truly beautiful. 

Meanwhile...if you were at the event and took pics, I'd love copies! Please email me--I'll post them here with a link to you, if you'd like. I have a feeling my mother won't believe any of this has actually happened unless I show her pictures :D

And don't forget: if you're tweeting, use #breathlesstour 

Next event: Salt Lake City! Come to the SLC Library from 2:00-4:00pm. Details here.
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