Monday, August 2, 2010

Tools of the Trade

A quick post because I'm busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off. OMG SO MUCH TO DO SO MUCH SO MUCH *slaps self* Thanks, I needed that.

Anyway--what do you guys use to write? I'm in the laptop market, and it's got me thinking about the best tools of the trade.

For me:
  • A legal notepad and a good pen (like a fine point Sharpie) to write out scenes and notes. I don't outline, but I will sketch out a few ideas in advance that I know I want to go in the ms.
  • A computer, preferably a laptop, preferably a Mac. <--That's what I'm getting Saturday. Life will be better then.
  • Scrivener. THE BEST WRITING SOFTWARE EVAR. *cough* Maybe I'm opinionated.
  • Music: usually 2-3 upbeat or emotional songs that I play on constant repeat. I don't even listen to them, just the beat. I don't focus on the sounds, but I hate working in silence.
  • A really loud, clacky keyboard. None of these smooth, silent keys for me.
  • Internets. I check out twitter or blogs between scenes.
  • A drink--either Sprite Zero or coffee, typically.
  • Email and GoogleWave--for when I start panicking that I suck and will never be good enough, so I can email my writing buds and they can talk me off the ledge (again)
What about you? What are your indispensable tools of the trade? Mac or PC? Notebook, notecards, Post-Its, or computer screen? Coffee or Twizzlers?
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