Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Win a Copy of Mockingjay + a Mockingjay Pin!

So...I've got my hands on something kinda cool.

A Mockingjay Pin.

Not one of those cheapo-buttons with the mockingjay image printed on it.

Nope. One of the gold-colored metal pins that Scholastic gave out only with bookclub pre-orders for a limited time.

And I want to give it to you. Along with a copy of MOCKINGJAY.

This IS open internationally. But please give me time for the preordered book to come first to me, then shipped out to you. Also, I'd like to feature some of my writing friends who are also excited about MOCKINGJAY--so, if you'd like to follow me and my fellow League Writers (who are also giving away pre-orders of MOCKINGJAY, so enter to win there, too!) or go vote in the YA Fantasy Showdown that opens up August 10, I'll give you extra entries!
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